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When we talk about 'Cloud' applications at cloudman, we are aware that it is often a confusing term. There are too many clouds, but in ours, this is what you will find

Developing web applications for you

Our know-how, where we excel, what we have been doing since day 1.

It involves understanding the client's needs and goals, designing and building a customized solution, and often integrating with other systems and tools.

In our portfolio, you can find the projects that endorse us.

Our technology? Javascript.

Our favorite front-end framework? Vue.js

Our favorite back-end framework? Nest.js

Providing system integrations for you

We integrate third-party applications and services where you need them. Need a payment system? Or perhaps you want to integrate software with yours? We are here to help you.

Maintenance, update and support of your application

Software is like a living being; it requires regular care, both to maintain system security and to ensure the long-term viability of adding new features.

Do you have an application and are looking for someone to maintain it in the long term? Perhaps you are using an outdated framework and want to update your application? Or do you have security issues and want to update your project with the latest available versions to avoid vulnerabilities?

For this purpose, we work and want to establish long-term relationships with our clients so that you can rest easy, so that you can sleep peacefully.

Improving the performance and scalability of your application

We've seen it; you've grown a lot and are experiencing performance issues. Maybe the technology wasn't right, perhaps you just need a minor optimization, or it may be necessary to update the application to make it more scalable. Traffic volumes are our thing; you can leave it in our hands.

Developing and design your website

We create websites web experiences from scratch, including UI, UX, information architecture, and search engine optimization (SEO). We have an exceptional team and excellent collaborators at Microbio.

Need technology strategy or consulting?

We work with our clients to define business goals, analyze the market, and develop effective technology strategies. We believe it is an essential service to help our clients succeed and ensure that their investments have a return for them.

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Cloudman, grant recipients for ICT development projects for SMEs from the Castile and León Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial

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