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Digital products
Digital products

A place where talent, passion and inspiration share knowledge to improve, grow and learn.

People First
People First

At Cloudman, projects start with you: your ideas, your crazy ideas and your initiatives are the engine that drives our team.

Commitment + fun
Commitment + fun

Our values are based on the motivation to push ourselves to be better every day in everything we do.

What we are?

We are Cloudman, a small development studio specializing in custom corporate application development. In other words, we thrive on action, clean code, and clarity.

We work for consulting firms, agencies and companies that are looking for solutions, guidance and a one-on-one relationship to imagine, build and design cool digital products and services.

There are six of us working remotely (Salamanca, Valladolid, Sevilla, and Barcelona), but together with Microbio, we're actually 16.

Years ago, we met Microbio, a digital creative agency specialized in design, branding, and UX, with whom we share a vision, spaces, vermouth, and laughter.

If you're wondering what this story is all about, wait to see the random channel on Discord.

Here you can find a bit of everything, all good, and all strange.

And that's the beauty of it.

Launched with Vue

It's our ace up the sleeve. We use it because it's dynamic, powerful, and offers a 🔝 development experience. It's a stable framework that helps us build interactive, appealing, and efficient web applications. With a clear architecture, it fits well into all projects.

That's why our team showcases their expertise by getting official certifications:

Vue.js Developer Level I

Proud partners of


Cloudman, grant recipients for ICT development projects for SMEs from the Castile and León Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial

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